Friday, December 10, 2010

Seitanic polenta and beany string beans

Servings: 2
What you'll need:
1) Handfull of string beans (I just used the fresh ones from Costco)
2) A few asparagus spears
3) 1/2 package of seitan cubes or Yves meatballs
4) 1 tablespoon minced garlic
5) 1 and a half cups Prego (pick your flavor)
6) 1/2 can of beans, drained and rinsed (I used garbonzo beans)
7) Half a tube of polenta

Directions: put asparagus and string beans in a steamer, set it on 15 minutes. Meanwhile, cook Prego sauce according to package directions, stirring in crumbled polenta, garlic, beans, and seitan as it heats up. When the steamer dings, your sauce should also be ready.
Plate the asparagus and string beans first (I was a little backwards in the pic) and presto! You have your noms.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Girl's day with Allison

Had another fantastic girl's day with Allison. Started the day trying to figure out what to fill our bellies with before hitting the gym. I was a little nervous about choosing a new place again, since last time I chose an Ethiopian place that pretty much served one ice cream scoop of pureed whatever on a big ass injera bread...not so delicious. Today, however, I chose Araya's after hearing so many great things about their vegan buffet. Oh my amazing.
I rushed through the first plate so fast I didn't get a picture till the end.

There's a proper plate....spring rolls, spinach, pad thai...they also had curry veggies.

Green tea press

On the right is the black bean desserty goodness.

I will definitely be coming here again. Delicious food for 8 bucks, and 100% vegan. They had some veg propaganda just outside the restrooms which I thought was interesting- PETA posters you can take home of a butchered cow's head with the headline, "What did you have for lunch today?", no thanks. I wouldn't want it to clash with my severed bunny head elvis decanters.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The noodle dilemma

I made tofu shirataki noodles without making them taste like feet for the first time. The trick is to wring the suckers out in a hand towel until they are within an inch of their lives. Essentially this is what I did and added a bit of miso paste and celery until blammo! I got a result that didn't taste like satan's asshole:

VOILA! Nom on this, jerks!