Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cafe Flora

Today I had a fantastic dinner at Cafe Flora with a couple of my fellow funeral divas, and had such an amazing meal, I just had to post about it. It was like dying and finding out Jesus was actually real, a vegetarian, and loved booze......which is how I'd picture him.

Thank you Jeebus, for Cafe Flora.

We had some drinkie-poos to get started. Holly had the tea in a fancy-pants little pot with a 3-minute hour glass timer. Heidi and I decided we both needed booze and caffeine, so we each got a coffee, and she had herself a glass of wine.

I didn't want to appear as a drunken fool, so I decided on a drink I knew I wouldn't care much for, a mojito. Now, you know what a mojito is supposed to look like, right? little bit of booze, sugar, and a mash-up of mint that gets caught in your throat, right? Well, they brought out this:

What the hell is this glorious freak of nature?

I was assured that this was indeed their version of a mojito. Hunks of huckleberries, plenty of booze, and I'm pretty sure they finish it off with a small helping of crack. I ordered 2. So much for my plan.

For our main courses, I wanted to try the vegan french dip, because let's face it, one of the things I miss about my meat-eating days is a thick roast beef sammich dipped in salty brown lava. YES!

I soooo want to rub it all over my face, then pour the au jus down my pants.

This portobello version of a french dip was actually better than any imitation I had ever tried before. All too often, vegan restaurants cover their fare with earth balance and olive oil to try and make you forget you're eating vegetables. This was filling, delicious, and not the least bit greasy. The greens on the side were good too. Don't ask me what the dressing was.... I didn't care, really. I just shoveled it into the lowest hole in my face along with everything else.

Miss Holly had the pizza.....the name started with an "m" but for the life of me, I can't remember what she said it was, as I was chewing loudly. It looked amazing, and she finished the whole thing, so I'm sure it was just as tasty as it looked.

"Pizza" is Italian for, "Eat me, or you'll be swimmin' with the fishes."

Heidi's feast looked amazing as well- the portobello wellington, which in her opinion, is the best thing she's ever had here. It comes with some veggies and a scoop of mashed taters.

Makes you just want to mash your face into it and make squishing noises.

So, if you're ever in the Madison Park area, stop on by and support this place. You'll be glad you did.